The Boxer Dog Breed

There are hundreds of dog breeds in the world. From A to Z alphabet, there are names of each dog breed. One of the dog breeds is the Boxer. It is characterized as a medium-sized dog , short-haired, and is developed in Germany. This dog breed is easily recognized by its head. In fact, it has a broad and short skull. Also, it has a square muzzle, and its coat is short, shiny, smooth, and close-lying. It is also called as the German Boxer or Deutscher Boxer.

One of the facts that you should know about the Boxer dog breed is that it is originally a docked and cropped breed. In other words, the ears are being cropped and the tail is being docked which is still being done in many countries but have been prohibited also in some countries in the world. Some organizations prohibit the cropping and docking of dogs ears and tail such as veterinary associations and animal rights groups. The recognized colors of this dog breed are fawn and brindle.

There are also White Boxers that are recognized for their white markings on their coat and are neither albino nor rare. Only few boxers are born white. They too have a higher risk of sunburn and also suffer from skin cancers than the colored Boxers. Boxers are also known to be bright, energetic and playful. For parents who want to have this pet, there is less to worry about because this dog breed can get along well with kids.